Discover the Tech, Gadgets, and Tools That Power My World

Many people are curious about the tools I use to build software, boost productivity, and occasionally indulge in some well-deserved procrastination. So, I've compiled a comprehensive list of all my favorite items for you to explore.

Workstation Wonders

  • 16” MacBook Pro, M1 Max, 32GB RAM (2021)

    Upgrading from my Intel-based 16” MacBook Pro, this machine's performance is unmatched. Even during intense launch simulations, I've never heard the fans turn on.

  • LG 32UP83A-W

    An excellent 4K IPS Monitor featuring AMD FreeSync, DCI-P3 95% Color Gamut, and HDR 10 Compatibility. This monitor has been the backbone of my main workstation.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

    I'm a huge fan of the Apple Magic Keyboard, and the numeric keypad only enhances my productivity when working with my MacBook on the big screen.

  • Apple Magic Trackpad

    The gestures make me feel like a tech wizard, and using this trackpad helps me avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

    The ultimate chair for programming, gaming, and late-night reading. I've had this chair for over a year, and it's still going strong.

Development Dynamo

  • Visual Studio Code

    The one and only IDE I need. I've tried countless others, but I always return to this reliable favorite.

  • Github Copilot

    A game-changing addition to my toolkit, Github Copilot has supercharged my coding speed and enhanced my productivity in just a few months.

  • Starship

    The shell that every developer deserves. Quick, rust-based, and recommended to me by a visionary leader.

Design Delights

  • Figma

    Initially a design tool, Figma has evolved into our company-wide virtual whiteboard. The collaboration features have exceeded all expectations.

Miscellaneous Magic

  • NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti

    As a long-time PC gamer, this is the best graphics card I've ever owned. Fast, powerful, and capable of handling any game I throw at it.

  • Steam Deck 512GB

    The ultimate portable gaming system. Since getting this powerhouse, I find myself reaching for my Nintendo Switch a little less.

  • Sony Alpha 7C

    The best camera I've ever owned. Compact, lightweight, and equipped with a superb sensor, this camera fulfills all my photography needs.

  • M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro

    One of the best full-sized hammer action keyboards available, perfect for all my music production endeavors.